ANPR Systems

ANPR is a term referring to “Automatic Number Plate Recognition”. As vehicle number plates are the most easily distinguishable mandatory motor vehicle identifiers, the use of ANPR technology has grown and spread across many sectors; from law enforcement to parking and access control management.

Deployment falls into two broad categories: Revenue collection and Safety and Security. ANPR cameras are now used in a multitude of ways to support either the administration of private vehicle access control or to manage and monitor the flow of traffic on public roads. Whilst ANPR is used by large organisations to meet their requirements, it is also used by smaller businesses in their quest for both security and efficiency.

The term ANPR is slightly misleading as it refers only to the capture of a number plate (index) image; it’s what this data can be turned into that allows it to be of value. Most modern CCTV packages now contain ANPR, but unfortunately, in doing so, many compromise on arange of user levels by providing only the primary images without being able to utilise the captured information. Relying on an existing CCTV camera retrofitted with extra software in the monitoring DVR does not produce the consistent level of image and data quality required. Consequently, at Cerberus we only use high quality European ANPR cameras which have been specifically designed for the sole purpose of accurately recognising and reading car index numbers.

The most valuable attribute of our system is our proprietary NPR (Number Plate Recognition) embedded software. We have written a unique system built around a base package to which further feature-rich modules can be added. These additional components such as security, hospital parking revenue, club membership, logistics control or automotive control can be integrated into our existing POS and front and back office booking software.

The parking management software is a scalable system that can manage all types of car park from single entry to multi-level, multi-lane facilities. The ability to create and manage many different classes of user results in operational efficiencies, low running costs and exceptional customer convenience.

Our system provides complete control of your car parking and your revenues. For your customers it is a fair and equitable solution and is completely ethical by complying absolutely with the NHS government guidelines. Additionally an eco-friendly No-ticket solution means no consumable wastage, no litter to collect and no ticket jams!

Because the technology has become more advanced and accurate in the way the index number is captured, our system is able to utilise and manage this customer data and produce tangible value and reduce costs. All of our system development has been based on specific client requirements; real world needs with the result that our systems provide precise solutions rather than a universal approach because no two hotels, garages or logistic sites operate in the same way.

We do not simply supply a product; we listen to what our customers tell us and design complete turnkey solutions for their precise needs.